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Line Eskinazi, the author of the book ”Izmir Sephardic Cusine” will conduct a Table Hands-on Cooking Class with some sharing from the cookbook in which she compiled 100 recipes of Izmir Sephardic Cuisine Recipes with its still living and disappeared ones.

 Lina Eskinazi is a graduate of the International Professional Bakery and Pastry Departments at the Istanbul Culinary Arts Academy. She is the founder of “Cakewalk Boutique Patisserie” in İzmir, Alsancak, which has made a difference with its magnificent tastes.

The Sephardic Cuisine created by Jewish citizens of İzmir, which is an important part of the rich food and beverage culture of Western Anatolia, faces the danger experienced by all traditional cuisines… Despite the snacking habit and all the socio – economic and cultural transformations that lead to distortion, Izmir’s Sephardic cuisine is also trying to survive. To make our essential inheritance survive and to transfer it, we invite you to a meeting with Lina Eskinazi!

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Dec 05 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Urla Cooking Class
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